Name: Naomi Peters

Nationality: American, Australian, British
(Seriously, all three.  If it weren’t for the same name being on all the passports, this would be a great foundation for being an international spy.)

Places lived:

  • Clarksville, TN (place of birth)
  • Evansville, IN (for undergrad)
  • San Francisco, CA (for grad)
  • New York, NY
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Waimea, HI (Big Island)
  • London, England
  • and many others (there is some blood of the nomad here)

Other favorite places to spend time:

  • various places in NSW, Australia (Bowral, Beechwood, Bowning, Yass, Newcastle, Sydney)
  • Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Favorite animal: platypus

Number of tattoos: 5

What my name would’ve been if I was born a boy: George

Geek cred: I was president of the Junior Classical League (Latin club) in high school and was the national champion in dramatic Latin. Rock. On.

Nickname in capoeira: Bananeira (means banana tree)

Chinese astrology: fire snake

Motorcycles I’ve owned (in chronological order):

  • Yamaha V-Star Custom
  • Ducati Monster
  • Triumph Street Triple R